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James Brink, Webmaster

About the Webmaster

I am a retired professor who taught Math and then Computer Science at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA for over 30 years until I retired and moved to the Mossyrock, WA and more recently the Augusta, GA area. While teaching, I taught many classes that included writing web pages.

My experience includes writing a number of personal web sites, a few of which are included on the Portfolio page. In 2011, I became webmaster for the Mossyrock Blueberry Festival and continued in that possition for 6 years before moving to South Carolina. I am currently the webmaster for the Aldrich Berry Farm. http://www.aldrichberryfarm.com/. These experiences have encouraged me to offer my services to other businesses. Because I am already retired, websites can be developed quite economically. I would be particularly interested in working with small businesses that would like a web presence but believe they cannot afford it.

When writing web pages, I like to follow established standards in expectation that the resulting pages will work with a variety of browsers. I regularly check my pages in all five major browsers (Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari). I hand code most pages but have developed tools that allow adding menus and other standard items to all the pages which simplifies making changes to a website.

I use the newest version of HTML, the language used to write web pages, and have learned how to use its new audio and video capabilities as illustrated by the simple examples on the Portfolio page.

In addition to my computer work, I enjoy photography and wood turning. Some examples of my photos are included in some items listed on Portfolio page. I am active in my church and volunteer as a math tutor at Silver Bluff during the school year.

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