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Some Examples of my Work

Our Tour of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel - a photo album: https://cs.plu.edu/~brinkje/ExodusTour/
A photo album with lots of pictures taking during a 2010 tour. Hand coded in HTML.

A scrapbook of pictures of our home being built: https:/cs.plu.edu/~brinkje/MyPictures/House/OurHouse.html

Pictures of our flowers taken in 2009: https:/cs.plu.edu/~brinkje/MyPictures/Flowers2009/Flowers2009.html

A tutorial on the new <audio> tag in HTML5: https://www.cs.plu.edu/~brinkje/KISA/KISATutorial.html
While working with a relatively new language, Processing.js, I decided to add some music to a sketch using the new audio tag in the draft of HTML5. I couldn't find any reasonable examples so I decided to figure out how it was done and wrote a tutorial in hopes of helping others who might want to do the same thing. (HTML5)

A tutorial on the new <video> tag in HTML5: https://www.cs.plu.edu/~brinkje/KISVid/KISVidTutorial.html
This tutorial is similar to the audio tutorial and includes a lesson adding YouTube videos to an HTML5 page (HTML5) (Both examples also use the new <canvas> tag.)

Library for clickable and draggable items. https://www.cs.plu.edu/~brinkje/Processing/Clickable/ The processing language lacks built in buttons, menus, scroll bars and other standard items so I built a library for them.

Webmaster Design Solutions site on Google: https://sites.google.com/a/webmasterdesignsolutions.com/webmaster-design-solutions/home This site was (almost) duplicated on Google to illustrate how it can be used to have a very inexpensive web server. It also illustrates some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Google as a server because of some of the special features Google provides and some of the restrictions Google imposes on site development.

My home page: http://www.brinkje.com
It was built to be simple and functional especially for me but may not be impressive to others. (HTML 4.01)

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