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Economical Costs

What costs should one expect for a simple web site? We will look at some ways that will make the costs reasonable and minimal. The cost items listed below assume that you want to just want to use your web pages to present your message to viewers. Things will be more complicated it you want to do internet business.

Your company's own domain name

Would you like your own internet domain like "mybusiness.com"? Assuming that you don't insist on a "premium" name, domain names are relatively cheap. If you would be satisfied with a longer .com name or one of the newer names like .us or .biz names, expect to pay $20 or less per year. You may see them advertised for less than $10 but be cautious about hidden charges and expect the cost to go up when you renew your annual contract. In some cases, a free of extra cost domain name is included in the web hosting.

Web hosting

A web host stores your web pages and sends them to viewers so they can look at them in their browsers. The cost can vary considerably but there are lots of options. We will look at a few of them.

Franchises, business associations, church denominations

You may be eligible for special consideration because of your associations. Cost and usability may vary. I'll be happy to look at your possibilities.

Your internet provider

Your internet provider/e-mail server may provide free of extra cost web page serving. Usability may vary. The password may be a significant problem unless there can be more than one. (I don't want to have access to your e-mail or billing information.) But this type of service would work especially if you are willing to upload pages.


For small companies (or individuals), Google provides free server service including customized mail addresses. The problem is that they try to make it easy for beginners to write simple web pages. This makes it hard for professionals to create sophisticated pages. To see the difference, you can compare http://www.webmasterdesignsolutions.com with https://sites.google.com/a/webmasterdesignsolutions.com/webmaster-design-solutions/home. Some people have concerns about privacy issues when using Google. However because the price is right, you may find a Google site meets your needs.


Godaddy provides server service as well as selling domain names. They provide a full range of developer tools and allow the webmaster to be creative. (They also provide simplified web page design but don't restrict users to it.) There prices start as low as $1 a month. This includes a large number of customized mail addresses. The Blueberry Festival uses this server. But be aware that the advertised price is only for the first year. Cost go up when one renews.


This service is probably a little more expensive than Godaddy but the seem to provide better service which may reduce my time and your costs. They also provide a number of design helps. This site uses SiteGround.

Other servers

The servers listed above are just those that I have had some experience with. There are many other companies that provide server services.

A combination

Sometimes a lower cost server may place restrictions what can be done. For example, it might charge extra if you need extra storage space. Because videos are often require a large amount of storage space, it is common to take advantage of the free YouTube service for videos and just provide links to them on your web site.

A webmaster

Because I am retired and have low overhead, I can create your web pages at a minimal cost. I'll begin be discussing your options and then look at what message you want to present to people viewing your pages. I'll ask you about how the site should look. You will be asked to provide wording and pictures. I'll write your pages, arrange for your domain name, and set things up so search engines find your page.

Other possible expenses

There are few other possible expenses. You may want to have pictures taken to show on your web pages. If you don't already have one, you may want a logo. Depending on your situation, you will probably want update you web site from time to time.


Some servers such has Google and Godaddy provide services that allow inexperienced people to create their own website. Doing so can save the cost of hiring a webmaster. However, do-it-yourself webmasters may like to get hints on how to improve their site. For example, issues may include obtaining a domain name, a server, download speed, improving site visibility to search engines, ways to improve the site using HTML, and so on. For such consulting, I just charge a low hourly fee.

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