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Sample Contract

The following represents the agreement we will sign when we do business. It will be customized to meet your needs and desires. Paragraphs that are not appropriate to your situation will be deleted.

  1. The Webmaster agrees to consult with me about my web page needs.
  2. The Webmaster will arrange a domain name for my business. Depending on the agreed upon services, it can be used for both a website and email. I agree that the domain name agent will be ___________________ and the domain name will be ______________________ providing it is available. If it is unavailable, the Webmaster will provide a list of possible alternatives.
    ___I will be responsible for paying the annual fees for the domain name.
    ___I will pay the Webmaster annually for paying the annual fees for the domain name at least one month before the deadline to allow him time to make the payment.
    I understand that if I fail to make the specified payments by the deadline, the website and e-mail addresses will expire and will no longer work. Late payment may allow me to recover these services unless someone else has purchased the domain.
  3. The Webmaster will arrange a server for my website and email. I agree that the server will be ___________________
    ___I will be responsible for paying the annual fees for the server.
    ___I will pay the Webmaster annually for paying the annual fees for the server at least one month before the deadline to allow him time to make the payment.
    I understand that failure to pay by the deadline will result in discontinuation of those services.
  4. I agree to provide text, images, and pictures for use on my pages.
  5. Webmaster agrees to write the following pages for my website in the following agreed upon time frame: ___________________ .

  6. The Webmaster will give me an opportunity to edit the pages and will make the appropriate changes.
  7. The Webmaster will load the pages onto the server.
  8. The Webmaster will summit the website to at least two search engines. He will provide a link to my site which enable these and other search engines to discover my site. He will use some other practices that are designed to improve my search listing but I realize that the various search engines have their own criteria (often secret) for determining the order of listing in searches.
  9. The Webmaster agrees to update my pages as needed in an agreed upon time frame. I understand that there will be a fee for such updates.
  10. I understand the Webmaster will add a copyright and "created by" line similar to those found on his webpages to the bottom of my page. The copyright will be in my name unless otherwise agreed on in writing.
  11. I agree to pay for these services as follows:

    $_______ annually for the domain name (unless I pay the fee directly).

    $_______ annually for the server (unless I pay the fee directly).

    $_______ for the first web page.

    $_______ for each additional page.

    $_______ for setting up an e-mail account and address.

    $_______ for updating a page after it as been loaded on the web server. or I will pay

    $_______ per hour for the updating or consulting services.
    Failure to pay in 30 days from completion will result in removing the web pages from the website. Fees for consulting services may be requested in advance.

    I understand the above fees are subject to change by the domain name issuer and server. I understand the Webmaster may adjust his fees in accordance to inflation.

    I understand that I will be responsible for any taxes imposed by the State of South Carolina.
  12. I agree to the following limited warranty and limit of liability. The Webmaster warrants his work and will refund payments for services that are deemed unsatisfactory and remove unsatisfactory pages from the website. From time to time during the process, I will be given the opportunity to review development and edit the pages. If at some point, I decide that I do not wish to have the work continue, I am not responsible for any costs since the last time I approved the project. Payments for a domain name and server are nonrefundable after payment is made to the company offering those services. I agree that the Webmaster cannot be held responsible for consequential damages and any other damages beyond his control.

Customer _______________________________


Printed Name: ________________________________


Phone: ___________________________

Email address: ______________________________


Name:          James Brink
Address:       145 Douglas Dr.
               Beech Island, SC 29842
Phone:         803-508-1213
Email address: brinkje@plu.edu

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